About Us

Let me tell more about me, the developers and the website. The website was made by TonyX, he is the maker of the exploits. Also the one writing this right now. TonyX or his real name Antonio started making Roblox exploits videos 3 years ago on the channel OMGGMH. Then he thought of making his first exploit, at first it wasn't that great but when OMGSploit V3 came out, it started to grow quick. After that he made more exploits that people love and use on a daily bases. Now he own the YouTube channel OMGExploits where he continues the legacy of OMGGMH.

The Key-System

Our key-system is the shortest and safest system out there. The Key System is safe. We use secure encryption, IP addresses are not under any risk.Collecting data is how we determine who has generated the key do not fall for any fake sites or scams impersonating or replicating our services, we will never ask for passwords or payment methods.